POST TIME: 10 February, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Excessive noise hampers academic activities at RU
RU Correspondent

Excessive noise hampers academic activities at RU

Dhaneshwar Roy, a fourth-year student of philosophy at Rajshahi University (RU), cannot concentrate on class lectures because of too much noise outside. Even his teachers have to often stop delivering their lecture for some time because of the high-decibel noise.

Cultural fests, processions, national and international day celebrations and  other events during classes, exams and admission tests have become a routine affair with blaring loudspeakers, said the student.

Dhaneshwar's department is housed in the three-storied Momotazuddin Arts Building next to the main road. A few tea stalls and grocery stores are also situated in that area. People going in and leaving these shops make unbearable noise during class hours, the student added.

Ratul Sarker, a master’s student of public administration, said they are planning to submit a written complaint to the university authorities, seeking remedial measures.

The prime venues for various programmes are Shahid Minar, Kazi Nazrul Islam auditorium, Senate Bhaban, Deans’ Complex, Meer Mosarrof Hossain Gallery, TSC, and the ground in front of the Central Library, Tukitaki Chattor, Amtotola Chttor, and Iblish Chtattor. Earlier, on October 19, 2013, the authorities imposed a ban on all types of rallies, processions, political activities and use of megaphones during class hours, exams, and admission tests.

“Noise pollution can damage psychological and physiological health; it can also cause hypertension, high stress levels, hearing loss, sleep disturbances and other harmful effects. We should not create noise, especially around educational institutions,” says an expert.

RU proctor Prof. Luthfor Rahman said: “Noisy programmes disturb us. But we've no control over such programmes held by political parties or  some organisations. We had imposed restrictions, but they do not follow our rules.”

He also said some of the departments have already complained about the matter. He said instructions would be given to all departments not to give permission to students for holding programmes that may create noise during classes and exams.