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Felicitations to the president!

Felicitations to the president!

We welcome the news that the running President Abdul Hamid has been elected for a second term in office. As a holder of the post, President Hamid has maintained to remain above any controversy which has made him acceptable to all quarters of society. In the last five years of his first term, Mr Hamid has performed his presidential duties diligently with his most extraordinary quality being that he managed to break the barriers of such a lofty post to reach out to the common people with his remarkable sense of humour.

In a country where positions of power and authority are still defined by a colonial era template featuring fear and extreme veneration, the president managed to keep the place for respect while skillfully taking out the element of intimidation, using his jovial ‘bon vivant’ personality.

A veteran politician, his association with student politics began in the late fifties while he was a student of Gurudayal College in Kishoreganj. Later, in the early seventies, he had the honour of being the youngest person to be elected in parliament.  Prior to becoming president, he was the Speaker of the parliament. For his steadfast contribution to democracy in Bangladesh plus his invaluable contribution to the liberation war, Mr Hamid received the Independence Award in 2013.

As a politician, Mr Hamid faced tribulations of his profession, spent time in prison, was on the roads with unflinching conviction and never wavered from his beliefs. In a time when the norm is to swiftly change colours for personal advancement, people like him show that steadfast trust in one’s ideology is acknowledged and rewarded.

For the young generation of Bangladesh, the president is an icon, speaking very openly about changing social mores of the country laced with unparalleled humour. In any country, a successful politician is that person who can easily find a place among the young. Our president has managed that and that’s the reason why thousands of people gather to listen to him speak without affectation and least amount of pretension.

President Abdul Hamid’s greatest achievement has to be his outstanding quality in shedding the restrictions of his post to reach to the masses by his exceptional oratorical skills.

In global politics, the solemn, uptight, reserved approach is no longer a vote or a heart winner; in Bangladesh many still follow the old format, while the president with his keen sense of perspicacity, has picked up the evolving traits. We wish him all the best and hope that he will carry on making politics a little less drab with his extraordinary ability to let the guard down and make us laugh.