POST TIME: 8 February, 2018 11:05:51 AM
TK 20 lakh Indian products seized at Benapole
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TK 20 lakh Indian products seized at Benapole

Benapole customs intelligence seized Indian Jardaa, Skin cream, jewelry and fire crackers worth Tk 20 lakh from Benapole-Khulna commuter train on Thursday.

Mohammad Sadiq, deputy commissioner of Benapole Customs Intelligence, said that on secret information, a team of customs intelligence conducted a drive in the Benapole-Khulna commuter train in Navaron area and seized 1,170 pieces of fine jarda, 1,200 pieces of skincare cream (ultra), 5,700 pieces of Betnovate cream, 7,200 pieces of jewelery items, and 31 kg of current net. 

However, no one was arrested in this connection.

The market price of the seized goods is Tk 20 lakh, the customs official added.

The seized goods were deposited to Benapole Customs Warehouse.unb.