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Trade fair’s significance

Trade fair’s significance

The yearly Dhaka International Trade Fair, better known as DITF, has concluded showcasing a wide variety of local and international products to buyers. While the annual trade extravaganza has ended successfully, there is a slight concern as to the fall in overall orders this year which is around Tk83 crore less than the previous year. On top of that, the total sales also saw a dip by 26 crore with 2017 recording Tk113 crore and the figures standing in 2018 at Tk 87.83 crore.

Since Bangladesh’s growth is steady and the economy as well as the social development is currently facing no immediate hindrance, these numbers should not be too much of a worry because one of the reasons why buyer interest dropped is due to the heavy traffic people had to face to get to the fair premises. The congestion in the last two months has been so intense in the capital that many thought it better to give the fair a miss. Also, this year’s sudden chilly spells, breaking records for some years, prevented many people from visiting the trade fair.

Taking the traffic and the sudden onset of cold spells into consideration, we feel that there is no major reason to feel worried. Bangladesh has already made a mark in the international market with her garment, leather, motorbikes, shipping and cost effective electronic products. What is required now is to reach out to continents where our low cost but durable items can find a market. The trade fair in Dhaka has been more about a yearly showcasing of one’s products in a setting which aimed to produce some novel entertainment option for the jaded city dwellers.

When this began in 1995, entertainment options were limited; therefore, this was a focus for almost all city inhabitants. More than twenty years later, with so much going around the city in terms of culture, arts, sports and seminars, DITF’s allure has somewhat diminished. Looking from a positive angle, this indicates a healthy increase in public activity in the capital.

Reportedly, with support from China, a 35 acre area in Purbachol is being prepared specifically for the DITF – an intelligent move since the trade fair at the current location results in interminable traffic gridlocks around Agargaon, Mirpur, Shyamoli and the Parliament areas. Trade Fair sales plus orders should not be the sole indicator of buyer interest. Some years, when there aren’t any other events, people will go and at other times, there will be a fall in sales. However, once Bangladesh diversifies and introduces new products, a new set of buyers can be pulled.