POST TIME: 5 February, 2018 00:00 00 AM
World Cancer Day
8-10 lakh patients in country
About 1.5 lakh die every year

8-10 lakh patients in country

Specialists yesterday said at least 1.5 lakh people die from cancer and 2 more lakh are affected by cancer every year in Bangladesh, quoting the World Health Organization (WHO). They also said at present, about 8-10 lakh patients in the country are suffering from cancer, reports UNB.

The specialists came up with these remarks at Ahsania Mission Cancer Hospital in the capital marking the World Cancer Day, 2018.

They said cancer is not a single disease, rather it contains more than 200 diseases. The cells of the human body revolt against themselves and start growing irregularly and uncontrollably at any part of in the body and gradually, unknown to the affected person spread rapidly.

The specialists also said that one-third of all cancer diseases are preventable, one-third cancer diseases can be cured if diagnosed at the initial stage and one-third terminal cancer diseases can be alleviated or the sufferings eased to return a person to normal life through proper treatment.