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Most govt pry schools lack playgrounds

Most govt pry schools lack playgrounds

In 538 government primary schools in the eight upazilas of this district, students do not engage in games or physical activities due to unavailability of playgrounds, say sources in the district primary education office. Veteran teachers, headmasters, and child specialists have expressed despair at the situation.

The district primary education officer, Md Golam Mostafa, told The Independent: "There are 1,155 government primary schools in the eight upazilas. Of them, 538 schools have no playgrounds of their own."

It has been learnt that teachers of these schools cannot provide any sporting facilities to interested students.

To hold annual sports competitions every year, the headmasters of these schools, along with members of managing  committees and assistant teachers, have to go to distant places.

They also face problems in arranging students to render the national anthem every morning before the beginning of classes for want of space. Scouting classes cannot be held for the same reason as well. According to official records,  there are 72  government primary schools in Haimchar upazila, but none of them has any playground of their own.

Chandpur Sadar upazila has 172 such schools, among which 143 are without a playground.

Bishnudi Azimia Government Primary School faces an acute shortage of open space. This is disheartening for the school's 800 students as they cannot play during their off-periods, said head teacher Khodeza Begum.

Many other schools, including Ghuakhola Government Primary School, Puran Bazar Community Hall Girls’ Government Primary School, Scavengers’ Government Primary School, in Uttar Sreeramdi area face the same situation. Each of these schools has at least 450 students.

In Matlab uttar upazila, there are 180 government primary schools. Among them, 131 schools have no playground. There are 113 government primary schools in Matlab south upazila, but 98 of them lack a playground.  

In Faridganj upazila, there are 189 government primary schools, among which 41 suffer from the same reason. In Hajiganj upazila, there are 157 government primary schools. Only 40 among them have no playground.

In Kochua upazila, there are  171 government primary schools. But 10 of these schools do not have any playground. In Shahrasti Upazila, there are  a  total of 101 government primary schools, but among them eight face the same situation.

Md Golam Mostafa said every primary school should have a playground."There is no alternative to playing game to develop the latent talents of little learners because they are the future of our country.

The government should pay attention to this topic, " he added.

"For arranging annual sports competitions  in government primary schools, there is no allocation from the government. So, these school have to collect donations from  local social workers and managing committee members every year," he said.

Dr Mohammad Oliur Rahman, child specialist of the Chandpur General Hospital, said: "For a child’s proper physical and mental growth, playing games is a must."