POST TIME: 3 February, 2018 00:00 00 AM / LAST MODIFIED: 3 February, 2018 01:55:16 AM
Road accidents ‘kill 14 a day in Jan’

Road accidents ‘kill 14 a day in Jan’

At least 14 people were killed and 31 injured on an average 13 road crashes a day across the country in January this year, reports UNB. On the other hand, at least 425 people, including 54 women and 30 children, lost lives and 950 others received injuries in 403 road crashes in the last month between January 1 and January 31. A regular monthly survey and observation report of National Committee to Protect Shipping, Roads and Railways (NCPSRR), a non-government organisation, revealed it on Friday. The report was prepared on the basis of 22 English and Bengali national dailies, 10 regional newspapers and eight online news portals and news agencies.
Besides, a total of 28 people, including four children, were killed and 11 others injured in 32 train accidents and six people were killed and five others injured in waterway accidents during the same period.
According to the report, an average 13 accidents happened a day in January while 14 people lost lives and 31 sustained injuries respectively. The fatal accidents took place on the several roads, highways, national roads, inter-district and regional roads across the country in January.
The NCPSRR said that lack of proper supervision of Bangladesh Road Transport Authority, Department of Shipping, Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority and Bangladesh Railway are mainly liable for these situations in three transport sectors. The authorities concerned should take some steps urgently to lessen the accidents and casualties. Those are: taking strict steps against movement of faulty vehicles and vessels, creating public awareness, including vehicles and vessels workers, imposing existing laws strictly on all roads and waterways and lastly increasing supervisions on all railway crossings.