POST TIME: 2 February, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Fuel, gas cylinders being sold at illegal roadside outlets
‘For want of filling stations, we're compelled to buy adulterated and underweight petrol’
Our Correspondent, Tangail

Fuel, gas cylinders being sold at illegal roadside outlets

This recent photo shows some illegal roadside petrol shops in Shakhipur upazila of Tangail. INDEPENDENT PHOTO

 Shops selling fuel and gas cylinders have sprouted illegally by the side of village roads in 12 upazilas of the district. Local residents fear fatal accidents could occur due to hazardous stocking of such inflammable goods. Miscreants, too, could procure fuel from these shops to commit acts of sabotage.

A spot survey reveals that these outlets have mushroomed by flouting government rules. More than 100 such outlets could be seen by the side of the Dhaka-Sagardighi, Tangail-Sagardighi zonal highways, as well as in Kutubpur, Borochowna, Boali, Nolua, Dewdighi, Takterchala, Bebari, Kalidas, Hamidpur and  Mohanandapur bazaar of Sakhipur upazila.

The commodities are also being sold at Charanjani, Kakraid, Jalchatra, Telki, Garobazaar, Moterbazaar, Gangair, Chapri bazaar and in several other places under Madhupur upazila.

It has been learned that over 1,000 shops have been opened in the 12 upazilas of the district. Most of these outlets stand next to roads and footpaths. It is alleged that these shops sell adulterated petrol and underweight gas cylinders to earn huge profits. Some say small investments and handsome profits have prompted the starting of this illegal business.

The shops are being run with a great amount of risk, and fatal accidents could occur at any time. Shorful Hasan, resident of Berbari village under Sakhipur upazila, said the petrol sold by these outlets damaged the engine of bikes. Pick-up van driver Ajmot Ali said: “For want of filling stations, we're  compelled to buy adulterated and underweight petrol.”

Safiqul Islam, proprietor of the Sakhipur Filling Station, said: “Petrol is being sold illegally everywhere. We've been incurring losses due to illegal trading of petrol.”

Madhupur upazila nirbahi officer Romendra Nath Biswas said: “These roadside shops are being run illegally. Action could be taken if anyone lodges a complaint.”