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MNP service to be launched on trial basis in March
Says BTRC Chairman Shahjahan Mahmood
Tareque Moretaza

MNP service to be launched on trial basis in March

Much-awaited mobile number portability (MNP) service will be launched on trial basis in the middle of March, said BTRC Chairman Shahjahan Mahmood. Infozillion BD Teletech Consortium Ltd, the company which received licence to launch the MNP service, has already started processes for rolling out the operations, Shahjahan Mahmood told The Independent yesterday. “It will take some time to launch the service fully but will not exceed June in any away,” he added. Infozillion BD Teletech has already finalised talks with mobile phone operators on technical issues. The company has received loan from bank for importing machinery, an official of BTRC told The Independent.

More than 72 countries have MNP, which increases competition among operators in terms of service quality, said BTRC officials. Mobile phone subscribers will have the privilege to switch to other operators keeping their existing phone numbers after launching the service.

Earlier, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission has cancelled entire auction procedure of mobile number portability service licence in the backdrop of security clearance related complicacy.

The telecom regulator at the same time also decided to award MNP license through ‘beauty contest’ procedure instead of auction.

During the selection process, Infozillion BD Teletech Consortium Ltd secured the highest mark among the five entities which were seeking the MNP licence.

Out of six companies applied for the licence for MNP, the committee selected five firms including Infozillion BD Teletech Consortium Limited. The four others qualified firms are—Roots Infotech Limited, Agile Technology Limited, REVE Number Limited, Greentech International Limited.

On July 27, the BTRC invited applications to award MNP licence. The selected company will have to roll out the MNP service within six months after getting the licence, according to


According to the amended guideline, license acquisition fee has been proposed at Tk 10 crore. Earlier, a MNP license acquisition fee was set at Tk 20 crore.

The government has fixed Tk 30 as charge for the service. BTRC has been trying to introduce the MNP service, which would help bring more competition to the market and improve the service quality, for the last few years. Currently, some 72 countries including neighboring India and Pakistan have introduced the service, with Singapore being the pioneer in this field.

Besides, the Teletech has claimed it has a total of 14.7 million subscribers and running operation in Armenia, Montenegro and Slovenia since 2006. Mobile number portability is a technology that allows customers to change their operators after a specific timeframe retaining their existing eleven digit number.

According to the guideline, the BTRC will issue a MNP license for 15 years at Tk 20 lakh as annual license fee and the MNP operator has to share revenue with the government at 5.5 per cent rate from the second year of the licence.

In 2013, BTRC has formulated the draft MNP guideline and submitted it to the Post and Telecommunication Division for approval.

Once the MNP is introduced, customers can switch to one mobile phone operator to another operator keeping their number unchanged and they can again avail the facility after 40 days.