POST TIME: 1 February, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Police frisk litigants, lawyers before allowing entry into SC

Police frisk litigants, lawyers before allowing entry into SC

Over the past few days, litigants and even lawyers have had to take police permission for entering the Supreme Court. But the security measures became too much yesterday as police frisked all and sundry and searched their bags at the entrance gates.

Jurist Shadheen Malik, at a briefing in the Supreme Court Bar Association building yesterday, announced the boycott of the top court unless the government appointed the Chief Justice.

In the briefing, he lamented that lawyers now needed police permission to enter the court premises. “I won't come to the court until the appointment of the Chief Justice and free access of lawyers to the Supreme Court,” he said.

The position of the Chief Justice fell vacant on November 11 last year, after Justice SK Sinha tendered his resignation.

During a visit to the Supreme Court yesterday, it was evident that law enforcers were searching everyone and their bags at the twp entrance gates of the Supreme Court. Police took the measure a day after two BNP men were snatched by  other activists from a police prison van in front of the Mazar gate of the Supreme Court.

Tight security measures were also taken when a Dhaka court began hearing the final argument in the Zia Orphanage Trust case.  But security was further tightened yesterday to ensure the safety of ordinary people, according to police sources.

Some junior lawyers, including Farzana Ahmed, said they were searched by policemen when entering the Supreme Court from the Mazar gate. “Police did not allow me to enter the Supreme Court because I did not have my identity card with me. Later, I called my senior lawyer and he sent a representative to receive me from the entrance gate. At last, police allowed me to enter,” Farza said.

Some litigants alleged that they had not been allowed to the court premises because of the restrictions imposed by the police. “I wanted to meet a lawyer for consultation. But the police did not allow me to enter the Supreme Court,” said Rasel Ahmed, who was found standing in front of Supreme Court Bar Council gate.

Md Ashraful Islam, additional deputy commissioner (Ramna zone), said they were discharging duty in front of the two entrance gates of the Supreme Court to protect people’s lives and property.