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SSC exams to begin today

SSC exams to begin today

The education ministry has completed all preparations to hold the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent examinations today. It has explicitly urged the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) to not stage any protest that may hamper the exam process.

In all, 2,031,899 examinees—1,023,212 male and 1,008,687 female—from 28,551 educational institutions will take part in the SSC and equivalent exams under the 10 education boards this year. The exams will be held at 3,412 centres.

This year, the number of examinees has increased by 245,286—112,711 male and 132,575 female—compared to the previous year. The number of regular examinees this year is 1,739,573, and the number of irregular examinees is 289,746.

Of the total, 1,627,378 students will take the SSC examinations under the eight general education boards.

Under the Madrasa education board, 289,752 examinees—143,648 male and 146,104 female—will sit for the ‘dakhil’ examinations, while 114,769 examinees—87,220 male and 27,549 female—will write the SSC (vocational) exams under the technical education board.

Nahid yesterday gave these details at the education ministry in the Secretariat. The theoretical exams will end on February 25, while the practical exams will be held between February 26 and March 4. This year, the number of examinees from the science group has increased by 81,340 compared to 422,287 last year.