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Many happy returns to Shahnaz Rahmatullah
The artiste quit singing seven years ago and sticks to her decision of not singing again
Nazir Hossain

Many happy returns to 
Shahnaz Rahmatullah

Today is the birthday of once-popular singer Shahnaz Rahmatullah, who contributed immensely to enrich the country’s music industry with her unique style of singing. The Ekushey Padak-winning artiste quitted her profession as a singer seven years ago. But still the audience keeps searching the celebrated singer in all her brilliant songs.

There is no special arrangement on the occasion of her birthday today; rather, the day will be spent like the other ordinary days, Shahnaz Rahmatullah informed DhakaLive.

“Actually, my entire lifestyle has changed now. I always remain busy worshiping almighty Allah. I always try to earn His satisfaction through my prayers. I pray for all that may everyone be in good health and happy. I have arranged a feast for the orphans at an orphanage today”, Shahnaz Rahmatullah revealed her plan on the occasion of her birthday.

Born on January 2 in 1952 to M Fazluq Haq and Asia Haq, Shahnaz Rahmatullah started taking music lesson in her childhood. Having earned an identity of a child artiste, she lent her vocal to a playback song for the first time at the age of 11. It was for the film ‘Notun Sur’ in 1963. Then, she started singing for television in 1964. She continued her singing till 1985, who also sang Urdu Geet and Ghazal. She took lessons on Ghazal from eminent Ghazal singer Mehdi Hasan.

Shahnaz Rahmatullah sang many timeless songs in her career and some of these heart-winning songs are ‘Ekbar Jete De Na Amar Chutto Sonar Gaay’, ‘Ek Nodi Rokto Periye’, ‘Amar Desher Matir Gondhe’, ‘Ektara Tui Desher Kotha Bolre Amay Bol’, ‘Sagorer Teer Theke’, ‘Je Chhilo Drishtir Simanay’, ‘Khola Janala’, ‘Pari Na Bhule Jete’ and ‘Phuler Kane Bhramar Ese’.

She also lent her vocal to a number of notable films. She did playback for the great films like ‘Abar Tora Manush Ho’ (tuned by Khan Ataur Rahman), ‘Sakhkhi’ (tuned by Alauddin Ali) and ‘Chhutir Faade’ (tuned by Anwar Parvez). Among these films, she grabbed her ‘National Film Award’ with the song ‘Sagorer Saikat Ke Jeno Dur Theke’ for the film ‘Chhutir Faade’.

When asked will you sing again, Shahnaz Rahmatullah replied, “Once I took the decision that I never sing again. Therefore, I will never sing. I want to stick to my decision.”

Alongside prestigious ‘Ekusehy Padak’ and ‘National Film Award’, Shahnaz Rahmatullah was awarded with ‘Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Award’, ‘BACHSAS Award’ and many others for her enormous contribution to the country’s music world.

To note, four of Shahnaz Rahmatullah’s popular songs entered into the list of 20 greatest Bangla songs of all times, according to a survey conducted by the BBC. l

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