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Comprehensive university education
Our Correspondent

Comprehensive university education

With the professional world becoming intensely competitive, university education all over the world has undergone notable evolution in the last three decades, introducing a variety of new skills at the tertiary level. Keeping this in mind, the president has rightly asked the VC’s of three universities to add new dimensions to their existing curriculum to make education at the higher level more comprehensive.

The notion of integrated education has been with us for some time, but often, the actual meaning of it is lost when, in the quest to get top scores, students disregard other important sides like language, creativity and analytical skills. It’s unfortunate but true that in Bangladesh, the overall education system still attaches more importance to the result rather than the multifaceted knowledge which gives the student the capacity to use his degree to find a place in the global market. Consequently, at the international stage, where solid base in English plus the discerning ability to dissect world events are essential, our students often fall behind.

It is common knowledge that the general proficiency in English is still very weak, with a sense of fear constantly being perpetuated around the language. The issue of creativity is never addressed in academia because from an early age, students are made to believe that at the end of the day, their goal is to get the highest grades. Consequently, too much attention to grades only leaves out other areas such as creative writing, drama, theatre, arts, and music.

Many of the institutions still do not have innovation labs or centres that allow students to come up with new ideas, projects and technology.

A prudent way to trigger creativity is to start holding university level business, science and writing competitions, with the support of the CSR funds of multinational companies and banks. This will be an all win approach since institutions looking for new talent will be able to use the event as a talent hunting platform.

If our students are to be of world class standard then study tours overseas are essential since these allow people to develop eclectic views laced with tolerance.

Another cost effective and highly appreciated move would be to strike exchange programme agreements with noted institutions abroad so teachers can come here to give special lectures.

An integrated education at the university means breaking all constraints and creating a healthy atmosphere where students will feel unshackled and encouraged.

Stepping into 2018, we hope that curriculum at the university level will diversify and not revolve around the effort to get the best marks.