POST TIME: 21 December, 2017 00:00 00 AM
Tanzir Tuhin floats new band ‘Avash’
DL reporter

Tanzir Tuhin floats new band ‘Avash’

Former vocalist of the popular rock band ‘Shironamhin’, Tanzir Tuhin has formed a new band titled ‘Avash’ thanks to the backlashes against his former band members. The singer made the announcement in his one of his Facebook posts.

The newly formed band ‘Avash’ will feature Suman playing the guitar, Raju at the bass, Rinku as the drummer and Shaon will play the keyboards alongside Tanzir Tuhin’s vocals. Three of the featured band members of newly formed ‘Avash’ including guitarist Suman, drummer Rinku and keyboardist Shaon is also a member of the another popular band ‘Obscure’.

Tanzir Tuhin joined the band ‘Shironamhin’ as the main vocal in the year 2000. The bands first studio album titled ‘Jahajee’ was released in 2004 featuring his vocals. Since then, the band has released 5 studio albums and several mixed albums. The band last album was titled ‘Shironamhin’ and was released in 2013. But due to some internal conflicts, the singer parted ways from the band. The singer announced his departure from the band ‘Shironamhin’ on October 6 this year.