POST TIME: 8 December, 2017 12:11:50 AM
EU, Tories fear May govt collapse ‘within weeks’

EU, Tories fear May govt collapse ‘within weeks’

BRUSSELS: Theresa May’s government could be close to collapse, with Tory officials warning her leadership could be over within weeks if she fails to bring the Irish border deal under control. The EU is looking to give her breathing room by granting another extension, reports RT. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has extended UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s deadline to settle the Irish border issue to next Wednesday – the eve of an EU leaders’ summit, which takes place next Thursday – to give her more time to broker a successful deal.

One EU official told the Daily Telegraph that Juncker wants to support the British prime minister to enable her to reach an agreement that will satisfy all parties.Juncker had previously suggested that Sunday was the last day that he could meet May to resolve the Irish issue, after allowing her an extra week after May failed to strike a deal on the Irish border by the last deadline, which expired on Monday.

“Mr Juncker wants to support Mrs May to avoid the collapse of her government. He is prepared to meet her at any time, including on days next week in the run up to the European summit.”

The source said that the text of the disputed draft withdrawal agreement could be changed because “there’s always wriggle room.” On Wednesday, May suffered an in-party attack from the backbench in the House of Commons, with a Tory MP offering to take the reins on negotiations if May can’t “sort them out” herself.

Unfortunately for May, the in-fighting didn’t stop there. Tory unity seems to be crumbling away entirely, with 20 conservative MPs penning a letter to May during the week, accusing pro-Brexit colleagues of being “highly irresponsible to seek to dictate terms which could lead to the UK walking away.”

Chaos in the party escalated even further when Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond admitted on Wednesday that the Cabinet still had not agreed on a target for the “end state.”