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BTRC yet to set up monitoring lab
Ensuring Quality of Services
Tareque Moretaza

BTRC yet to set up monitoring lab

Though one year has elapsed, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has not yet been able to set up a laboratory for monitoring the quality of services (QoS) of the mobile phone operators. Against the backdrop of dissatisfaction of mobile phone subscribers on quality of services (QoS), BTRC on December last year decided to set up a laboratory for monitoring quality of voice and internet services. When asked the reason behind the delay, a senior official of BTRC said, “After taking initiative to set up the lab, it takes some time to coordinate.”

“Though it has been delayed, the optimistic news is that we are getting success in this regard,” he told The Independent yesterday.

BTRC Secretary Md Sarwar Alam said the commission in its last meeting decided to set up the laboratory for monitoring QoS as soon possible. After setting up the laboratory, it will be easy for the commission to take necessary steps to boost up the quality of services, he added.

Earlier on December 4 last year, BTRC chairman told The Independent that the regulator took the decision following the dissatisfaction of mobile network subscribers on quality of services regarding voice and data.

“Our main priority is to ensure customer satisfaction. Thus we have decided to build a lab soon,” Dr Mahmood said that time.

The necessary equipment to ensure quality of services has been purchased already, the BTRC boss said.  

Anite Finland Limited was the winner in the bidding for supplying the equipment.

At that time, BTRC in a letter to Anite Finland Limited said: “This is to notify you  that your Tender dated 8 May 2016 for the supply of Goods and related Services for Supply, Installation and Commissioning of a backpack/ hand held/portable and fixed based QoS measurement tools with Scanner for Voice, Data & Video Services of 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, CDMA, WiMax for the Contract Price of USD 2,92,500 (Two Lakh Ninety Two Thousand Five Hundred US Dollar only) as corrected and modified in accordance with the Instructions to Tenderers, has been approved by BTRC.”

On November 22, for the first time the BTRC held a public hearing to hear complaints from the subscribers on quality of services.