POST TIME: 7 December, 2017 00:00 00 AM
Price fall in large-caps drives stocks down

Price fall in large-caps 
drives stocks down

Stock markets closed the fourth session of the week yesterday with downward trend due to mainly for price fall in large-cap securities, reports BSS.

The falling major sectors were engineering, financial institutions, bank and travel and leisure. A total of 84 securities of the large-cap group moved down due to lower activities.

The broader DSEX index of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) closed the day with 20.45 points down at 6,266.29. The Shariah DSES and the blue-chip DS30 also followed the same trend with 0.06 point down at 1,390.82 and with 6.59 points down at 2,271.48.

The daily trade fell to 14.94 crore shares from Tuesday’s 16.64 crore shares and the day’s trade value at DSE decreased to Tk 584.80 crore from Tk 648.50 crore of the previous session.

At DSE, out of the day’s 333 securities, prices of 113 securities closed higher against 172 losing issues.

The major gaining issues were CAPMBDBLMF, Primer Cement, Renwick JA, Legacy Foot and CVOPRL. The major losing companies were WMSHIPYARD, PLFSL, Pubali Bank, BD Auto Cars and Peninsula.

Square Pharma topped the turnover list followed by Ghail, BD Thai, Premier Cement and GP.

The Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) closed the day of the week with downward trend with its major CASPI 88.26 points down at 19,380.06.

At CSE, 248 issues were traded. Of those, 75 closed higher and 144 closed lower when 88.64 lakh shares worth Tk 27.46 crore changed hands.