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Indonesian woman comes over to marry Bangladeshi youth
Gofran biswas, Patuakhali

Indonesian woman comes over to marry Bangladeshi youth

Indonesian woman Niki-Ul-Phia with Imran Hossain in Patuakhali. Independent photo

Love knows no borders, and more so in this age of social media.

Facebook played Cupid between a young Indonesian woman and a Bangladeshi youth, with the former coming to the country to be with her sweetheart. The two are planning to tie the knot soon.

The woman, Niki-Ul-Phia, hails from Zawa in Sura Baya division of Indonesia. Niki-Ul-Phia, who has three brothers and two sisters, started teaching in a private educational institution in Indonesia after completing her post-graduation.

The youth, Imran Hossain, is a third-year student of plant science at Patuakhali Government University College.

He is a resident of Daspara village in Bauphal upazila in Patuakhali district.

“I met Niki-Ul-Phia on Facebook a year ago. We became friends, and soon this friendship blossomed into love,” Imran told The Independent.

Talking about the closest subject to his heart these days, he said: “She was fascinated when I told her about my country, culture and family. She proposed we should marry and spend the rest of our lives


Niki-Ul-Phia finally landed in Dhaka on December 1 and Imran then took her to his home at Daspara. The Indonesian woman has been the cynosure of all eyes in the village since then.

On her part, Niki-Ul-Phia said: “I love Imran deeply and want to marry him. I am also very fascinated with the culture and people in Bangladesh.”

She also said that her parents knew about her travel to Bangladesh to meet Imran and they had given their approval to the relationship.

Imran’s family too is very happy with the prospective marriage.

“She has talked to her parents on Facebook. Now, the wedding will depend on the will of Niki-Ul-Phia and her parents,” Imran’s father, Delwar Hossain, said.