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Shamim Zaman’s new drama serial starts today
The drama to be aired two times a day until Thursday
DL reporter

Shamim Zaman’s new drama serial starts today

(From left) Director Shamim Zaman with Ishana and AKM Hasan. Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed

DL reporter

Popular actor-director Shamim Zaman’s new drama serial titled ‘Oi Para Theke Sabdhan’ is set to start telecasting today. The six-episode drama serial will aired two times a day--everyday at 6 pm and 9pm—until Thursday on Deepto TV.

DhakaLive has news that after the popular drama serial titled ‘Jhamela Unlimited’ on RTV, director Shamim Zaman has made the tele-drama serial ‘Oi Para Theke Sabdhan’, which has been scripted by Fazlul Selim. Along with popular artistes Ishana and AKM Hasan, Shamim Zaman himself has played a prominent role in the drama serial.

Shamim Zaman said, “I have just made this drama serial with a contemporary story in order to relief the audience from boredom. Alongside AKM Hasan and Ishana, other important roles include Al Mansur, Chitralekha Guha, Ahsanul Haque Minu, Pran Roy. They all have given amazing performances. I am very optimistic about this six-episode drama serial.”

AKM Hasan has said, “The drama is fully comedy based. Commenting on the direction of Shamim Zaman, I say that he is a very close friend of mine. We just bring out a good work, while chatting and hanging out. All the credit goes to Shamim Zaman.”

Ishana said, “The audience will really like the drama as it contain different language. Also, Shamim Zaman is a multi-talented director, as well as a man with a wonderful mind.”

Apart from this, Shamim Zaman has already started working in a new drama serial titled “Sobjanta Shamser’ with audience-admired actor-director Salahuddin Lavlu.