POST TIME: 2 December, 2017 00:00 00 AM
Bangladesh falls one rank

Bangladesh falls one rank

Bangladesh has dropped one rank in the global ICT Development Index and is in the 147th position with a point of 2.53, according to a study report.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) recently published the 2017 version of the Measuring the Information Society (MIS) report 2017.

It says Iceland ranks number one with 8.98 points among the 176 economies. Among the neighbouring countries, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, India, Myanmar and Nepal are better with rankings of 117, 121, 134, 135 and 140, respectively.

Only Pakistan and Afghanistan are behind Bangladesh with ranks 148 and 159, respectively. The MIS report has been published annually since 2009. It uses key ICT data and benchmarking tools, including the ICT Development Index (IDI).

Last year, Bangladesh's position was 146th with 2.37 points. ITU started to publish this yearly report in 2009. Bangladesh's position is 30th and fifth lowest among Asia and Pacific region countries, according to the report.

However, in Bangladesh 14.50 per cent households have internet access. According to BTRC, approximately 80 million people use internet in Bangladesh which is almost 45 per cent of total population.

South Korea has come down to the second position holding 8.85 points. In 2016, South Korea ranked number one with 8.80 points.   

United States has dropped down to 16th position from 15th with holding 8.18 points. In 2015, the country received 8.13 points.