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‘Komola Sundori’ on Mahila Samiti Mancha today
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‘Komola Sundori’ on Mahila Samiti Mancha today

Theatre troupe Natya Teertha will stage the 83rd show of its debut play ‘Komola Sundori’ today at 6:30pm at the Neelima Ibrahim Auditorium of Bangladesh Mahila Samiti in the capital’s Baily Road area. The play has been made based on a ballad of Mymensingh Geetika titled ‘Komola Sundorir Pala’ by poet Deej Eshan. Abdul Halim Aziz has adapted and dramatised the play from the lyrical ballad. Directed by Tapan Hafiz, the play ends with a poetic justice following a series of struggles of the titular character Komola to unite with her beloved prince named Pradip Kumar.

In the play, all performers will wear the same outfit with only slight variations in shade and design, or addition of simple accessories. Besides, they will be performing with acoustics of bamboo flute, khol and harmonium on stage.

Director Tapan Hafiz said, ‘I have kept the costumes for everyone same more or less, because it is difficult to define what kind of attires were worn ages ago. We have brought out some variations in order to portray different characters and their ranks, such as an embellished shawl has been added to the king’s costume for making difference.”

The cast of the play includes Tapan Hafiz, Sadia Islam Santa, Shamsur Rahman Peru, Tomal, Ayon, Selim, Mona, Nipa, Masud, Joy, Mahmud and others.

Where: Mahila Samiti, Baily Road

When: 6:30pm, today