POST TIME: 1 December, 2017 00:00 00 AM
All textbooks to be prepared easily understandable: Nahid

All textbooks to be prepared 
easily understandable: Nahid

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid yesterday said all textbooks from primary to secondary level will be prepared easily understandable among students by developing interesting contents using easy words and expression, reports BSS. “We have already prepared 12 textbooks easily understandable at the secondary level..... Process is underway to make other textbooks interesting and understandable for the students,” the minister told a press briefing in the conference room of the education ministry after holding a meeting with experts’ committee on improvement of secondary education. Prof Jamilur Rahman Chowdhury, chairman of Biswa Sahitya Kendra Prof Abdullah Abu Sayeed, Prof Jafar Iqbal of Shahjalal Science and Technology University, former governor of Bangladesh Bank Mohammad Faras Uddin and Professor Emeritus Dr Manzoor Ahmed and senior officials of the ministry addressed at the press briefing. Nahid said, “We have formed an expert committee comprising leading educationists, academics and other officials concerned to produce effective suggestions and recommendations to make the textbooks world standard and easily understandable.”

“We will take necessary initiatives in line with the recommendations to improve quality of education at secondary level,” he added.

Nahid said, “We will reduce the number of examinations as well as textbooks as per the recommendation to make student life easy and interesting.” “I hope we would be able to improve the standard of education at the secondary level by introducing modern education system,” he added.

Welcoming different initiatives taken by the government, Prof Jafar Iqbal said introducing evaluation of marking system will significantly contribute to improve quality of education through correctly measuring answer papers