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PECE question paper full of mistakes
The leakage of questions in the public examination has become a common phenomenon. This time questions are available online and on different Facebook groups free of cost
Masum Billah

PECE question paper full of mistakes

When I used to teach in Rajuk College leaving the job of Cadet College I experienced many peculiar things there. One of my colleagues once developed a question for the students of class six where he set two essays –(i) American Invasion of Iraq (ii) The success and failure of BNP government. I just got astonished to see whether these sort of questions could be set for the students of class six. Usually this kind of political and analytical questions prove to be suitable for the BCS examinees or for the students of International Relations or Political Science. However, the teacher faced no admonition even from the administration, let alone criticism or punishment as he was the favorite person of the authorities. Developing such kind of questions tells us --(a) we hardly bother about  child psychology (b) we actually don’t know which topics and way of teaching is suitable for the children and (c) the teacher knew it well that the students of class six would not be able to write the answers of these questions. So, they must come to the teachers for taking special help. So, it was fully intentional but who bothers or who sees it?  The country experienced the Primary Education Completion Examination (PECE) examination for the tiny tots spanning from 19 to 26 November 2017. Peculiar kind of questions and the answers in the MCQ portions have been detected. More interesting is the evading attitude of the authorities concerned that makes us really appalled. The PECE English version questions of Sylhet Region bear these questions ---What would happen if no the Mujibnagar government  was formed?, Actually the question would be - What would happen if the Mujibnagar government  was not formed. |In question number two  -- Why Bangladesh to import a lot of vegetable oil. The structure of the question is wrong. Its answer is also wrong. . Production is low than demand. The answer would be -- Because, production is lower than demand.  Another question Why did the intellectuals kill?" “What is happen to disobey law?”And how did they answer the main cause of “breaking the bank of rivers”? The tiny students  were probably confused as to whether they were to answer why the authority destroys the rivers' banks or why the erosion of the bank of a river occurs. And then arrived questions such as “What is freedom fight?”, “What does the right to move freely include?” and “Why did Sonargaon make the capital of ancient Bengal?”

For example, four options given for the question "What would happen if not the Mujibnagar govt was formed?", were: war would happen longer, war wouldn't conduct properly, help wouldn't get from India, and it would not be possible to train of freedom fighter. To the result of the 'divide and rule' policy of the British, students were supposed to select one of the four options -- racial discrimination, cultural discrimination, social discrimination and financial discrimination. All the answers could be correct. The English version was introduced as a substitute for English-medium education without giving attention to its quality. If the level of knowledge of the examiners is such a disgrace, then one would wonder what was taught in classes and what the children had learnt.

Moreover, 40 questions out of 50 witness different kinds of errors and mistakes of language, structure and grammatical. When contacted the deputy director of the Directorate of the Primary and Mass Education she simply answered, “It is not my duty to see whether there are mistakes or errors in the question. My duty is to visit all the examination centers and see whether examinations were going on smoothly or not. “Yes, she is right. The field officials of education department remain busy with administrative works bossing over the teachers and also remain busy to transfer teachers for special purposes. A similar thing I experienced once in an workshop at NCTB where all the Controllers of all Education Boards were invited. When I showed them that one question had been set for the last ten years and also practicing eight or nine passages are enough to take preparation for    the SSC examination though the text then contained 119 passages.  In response to it, the controllers just said that they did not know the matter as the teachers make questions and they also examine the scripts. This is not their duty, they don’t bother about this affair. It clandestinely says that the controllers think that they are no more teachers. It is the duty of teachers.  The same answer we received from the DD of Sylhet

National Academy for Primary Education (NAPE) is responsible for developing the questions of PECE. They develop 64 set of questions for six subjects each. Out of them 32 sets are translated into English. These 32 sets are sent to BG Press where the representatives from NAPE, BG Press, Directorate of Primary and Mass Education select eight sets that are printed. It sounds good but the leaking of questions proves more ingenious. They are leaked through digital system and the government proves unable to check it as analogue system stills prevails here. It is learnt that one Abdul Mannan of Assistant Upazial Education Officer has been suspended temporarily for making mistakes in the questions. He used to work in Sadullapur, Gaibandha. Astonishing is the news! He translated the questions of PECE examinations into English. It really makes us baffled! Is it possible for him to translate the questions into English? Why did the authorities not give this sort of responsibility to experts in English who can really translate the questions? Sentences and grammatical mistakes prevail throughout the questions. It must happen when inexpert people are given the duty to translate question.

The leakage of questions in the public examination has become a common phenomenon. This time questions are available online and on different Facebook groups free of cost . The problem poses to be more serious than ever before. The comments of different people on Facebook have been available. Professor Anisuzzaman has rightly said that in the primary level with the system of education games and cultural activities to be attached keeping students free from the anxieties of examination. We have established the examination centered education instead.it gives mental pain to the children. Though education is a matter of mental situation where outside pressure should be eased and evaporated, we try to increase it more and more in this age of digitalization that calls for a serious thought.

The objective of education is to develop the morality of the students. But they are growing through a process which is fully corrupt in different forms and ways. So, how can we expect to develop our future generation to lead the nation honestly? A group of guardians also are responsible for it. They run after leaked questions and exchange quite a good amount of money and a group of dishonest people avail this opportunity.  The guardians who don’t run after leaked questions, they are not rewarded rather they are being deceived. Whereas the dishonest way is being rewarded as the students who get the leaked questions obtain GPA-5 and higher grades without reading and learning the things. So, a time may come when the honest guardians will also stop following the honest way as they are being deceived and cheated. When examination is the way to assess the progress of the students, what sort of assessment do we do?

The writer works for BRAC

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