POST TIME: 14 November, 2017 12:46:09 PM
This winter, smell your best with smoky, spicy fragrances, say experts
As the season changes, so should your perfume. Keep up with the current trends by opting for fragrances that complement the winter
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This winter, smell your best with smoky, spicy fragrances, say experts

While the summer season is all about bright and aquatic scents, it’s time to switch to something more wild and deep this winter. From smoky patchouli to mysteriously seductive scents, discover your kind of fragrance for the cold season. Shikhee Agrawal, Head of Training at The Body Shop and Manan Gandhi, Founder of Bombay Perfumery India, show you the way:

* Citruswith a twist: Perfumes with the smell of just skin-shed oranges and lemons are too bright for winter. Merging citrus with woody notes will make perfumes last longer on the skin.

* Make offbeat choices: Think creamy caramel, caramel mixed with peach, or even a combinaiton of vanilla and cinnamon that has a leathery tobacco smell. Also consider adding a bitter note like freshly brewed coffee to your perfume. It is wild and comforting, an apt choice for winter.* Floral: These scents are popular round the year. Go for iris, rose, patchouli, jasmine or violet as they smell earthy. These notes blend naturally itself into winter season. Pamper yourself with the smell of sweet flowers such as orchids, frangipani and tiare, as their notes are sensuous with a flawless balance of sweet and musky.

* Aromatic: Aromatic notes are a breath-taking mixture of rosemary, lavender, sage, cumin and other plants which hold an intense grass-spicy fragrance. They are usually packed with citrus and spicy notes.

* Spicy: For men, a spicy fragrance with a woody undertone is great whereas the white flowers like tuberose and jasmine are heady and an ideal choice for women. Also, do not limit yourself to patchouli. Give fragrances with spices like cinnamon and ginger rich a shot.