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Bangladesh-India final showdown today
Both team coaches confident about winning title
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Bangladesh-India final showdown today

Bangladesh captain Shaun Hossain (L) and his Indian counterpart Prabhsukhan Singh Gil pose for a photograph with the SAFF Under-16 Tournament trophy at a Sylhet hotel yesterday. BFF PHOTO

In a bid to win the maiden title of the SAFF Under-16 Football Championship, Mohammed Shawon, Saaduddin and all the boys of Bangladesh squad are ready to take on India in today’s final match. Shawon, who scored one off  2-1 win over India and Saaduddin who scored the important goal in the semifinal against Afghanistan told the reporters in Sylhet yesterday, “We are ready to take on India. We are confident about our victory.”
The match will kick off at 5pm at the Sylhet Divisional Stadium and Bangladesh Television (BTV) will telecast the match live.
Bangladesh, on their way to storm in the final, confirmed the semifinal berth as Group B champions with a 4-0 victory over Sri Lanka in their opening match and downed India by 2-1 in the second match. The home team inflicted a solitary goal defeat on Afghanistan in the semifinal. Bangladesh, who could manage the third position in the previous edition, this time are eyeing to win the trophy, as they have just one hurdle to overtake that they are expecting to make it success with toppling India today.
Bangladesh boys are morally boosted up with their victory over India in the group-leg match, as the players are confident about their win. Bangladesh will have to see a setback when they will have to play without one of their key forward Sarwar Zahan Nipu, who scored two goals of their 4-0 victory over Sri Lanka. Nipu is ruled out for today’s final as he has two yellow cards but Bangladesh coach Golam Jilani thinks that team will definitely feel his absence but will not suffer.
Jilani, said, “Yes, it’s a bit setback for us, as he is our main striker but I am not demoralised and certainly not hopeless.” “We have enough bench strength, who will act as proper replacement for any of the first eleven performers,” said Jilani. “I told the boys to be careful not to do the mistakes what they did in the previous matches, hopefully they will play in accordance my direction. If they could apply the techniques they learned, I believe it will not difficult for them to win the match,” Jilani said in the pre-match press conference yesterday.   
Indian coach Bitan Singh Nigangkhan said that he was happy to reach the final and expected to win the final to retain the title. “We moved into the final, I am happy. I hope boys will be able to beat Bangladesh.” “Bangladesh is very good team, they are also technically sound but my boys are also prepared to win the match,” said Bitan Singh. Bangladesh skipper Shaun Hossain looked to be confident at the press conference as he said the home team would not disappoint the crowd in the final. “We played an excellent game so far and won all three matches. The boys are determined to keep up the momentum. Specially I want to mention the support of the Sylhet fans who always cheered us to play an attacking game,: said Shaun.  
Indian team captain Prabhsukhan Singh Gil said, “Definitely we will be there to retain the trophy. We will try to adopt attacking game and hopes to get an early goal like in the semifinal against Nepal.” “Host team always enjoyed the support of local crowd. I think Bangladesh is a good team and they will also try to give their best in the final. Though we lost to Bangladesh in the group stage, I think that will bear any problem for the team. We are fully prepared to tackle the host team and our forward should be agile to avail the scoring chances to snatch the match in our favour,” the Indian captain concluded.