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SM Solaiman Pronodona 2017 goes to Protik Theatre
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SM Solaiman Pronodona 2017 goes to Protik Theatre

Protik Theatre, a troupe based in Deundi Tea Garden of Habiganj, has been honoured with this year’s SM Solaiman Pronodona. To remember noted theatre personality SM Solaiman on the 16th death anniversary, Theatre Art Unit arranged a day-long programme titled ‘SM Solaiman Pronodona O Smarok Broktita 2017’ at the BSA’s Studio Theatre Hall on Friday (September 22).

The day-long programme in memory of SM Solaiman began by placing a floral wreath on the graveyard of SM Solaiman in the morning of September 22. Then, a commemorative programme featuring discussion and handing over Pronodona held in the evening.Attending the event as chief guest, BSA Director General and Group Theatre Federation Chairman Liaquat Ali Lucky handed over the crest to Protik Theatre. Among others, theatre personalities Ahmed Iqbal Haidar and Ishrat Nishat were also present.

In the later part of the event, the award winning troupe, Protik Theatre staged their play ‘Nijbhume Porobasi’, written and directed by Sunil Biswash. The play ‘Nijbhume Porobasi’ depicts the history and sufferings of tea workers located in the northeast region of Bangladesh. The first tea garden was established by the Duncan Brothers. Since then, tea labours were brought here from different areas of India such as Orissa, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. On May 20 in 1921, thousands of tea labours left their work and gathered in the Chandpur River Port to go back to their homelands because they had to work under inhuman conditions in the tea gardens. Then, British owners of the gardens, with the help of law-enforcing agency attacked them. As a result, hundreds of tea workers were killed. The play focuses on this mournful history.

To note, Born on September 29, 1953, SM Solaiman was a Bangladeshi playwright, director, actor, music composer and singer. He was awarded the Ekushey Padak in 2014 by the Government of Bangladesh. Solaiman was the founder of theatre groups like Padatik, Dhaka Padatik and Theatre Art Unit. He was elected twice as the general secretary of the Bangladesh Group Theatre Federation. He created audience-admired plays like ‘Ingit’, ‘Ei Deshe Ei Beshe’, ‘Inspector General’, ‘Court Martial’ and ‘Golapjan’. 

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