POST TIME: 3 August, 2017 00:00 00 AM
‘Porn Sultan’ of Dhaka arrested by RAB
Staff Reporter

‘Porn Sultan’ of Dhaka arrested by RAB

A Rapid Action Battalion (RAB-1) team nabbed the self-styled ‘Porn Sultan’ of Dhaka from one of his flats yesterday.

The RAB team raided the two Uttara flats of Mohammad Fuad Bin Sultan, 33, early yesterday. They seized

yaba tablets and the equipment, including the computers, he used to shoot pornographic videos and post those on his websites.

After graduating with honours in English, Fuad Sultan used to work in a multinational company. But he was not satisfied. He quit his job and started working as a house-renting agent in Gulshan and Uttara areas in 2011.

He learnt to use websites as part of his business. Soon, he developed an interest in surfing pornographic websites. That’s how he got the idea of starting such sites of his own. He opened two websites in 2015 and 2016, RAB-1 Commander Sarwar Bin Kashem told reporters at the RAB media centre in Karwan Bazar yesterday.

The RAB officer said Fuad would lure young women to his flat through the Internet. Then, he would shoot them in a compromising position with young men and post the videos on his sites along with the women’s phone numbers.

Subscribers would have to buy the password key to enter those sites.

They could get in touch with the women in one of Fuad’s flats. The women would be high on yaba tablets, the RAB official said, referring to Fuad’s statement in custody.

The RAB officer said Fuad also bought pornographic videos from other sources and posted those on his site.

The process of shutting down his websites and charging him under relevant sections of law are in progress, Bin Kashem added.