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CSR policy on the cards

CSR policy on the cards

State minister for finance and planning MA Mannan yesterday said the government is planning to create a national council to finalise the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy soon.

“CSR is a commonly practiced method in Bangladesh since long. CSR has manifold impacts on socio-economic development,” he said.

Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) and SR Asia Bangladesh jointly organised a seminar on “propagating CSR projects by corporate in Bangladesh” at DCCI auditorium in the capital.

He said that Ministry of Finance has received inputs from all Ministries, business associations and policy research institutes to draft guidelines on CSR in Bangladesh.  

State minister also said  attainment of the  goals of SDGs requires a strong and effective institutional mechanism involving all stakeholders including public representatives across the country, government and bureaucracy, private sector, civil society, knowledge community and development partners.

Addressing at the seminar DCCI President Abul Kasem Khan said CSR in Bangladesh is now at pre-mature stage.

CSR can be referred as organisational commitment to a certain community aiming at massive welfare which reaps rippled and sustainable socio-economic benefits for others in a society, he said.  

Due to its growing global recognition and engagement, CSR is embedded into SDG 2030, he said adding “The SDG will open up the provisions of diverse CSR acts in Bangladesh within cross-sectional manufacturing to service industry.”

He urged the government to finalise National CSR Guideline or policy and CSR Act.  Sumaya Rashid, Country Director of SR Asia Bangladesh said a CSR guideline will help corporate houses to expedite their CSR activities more.

Some of the Asian countries have CSR policy and their CSR activities got institutional framework.

In Bangladesh CSR initiatives are taken in a very scattered manner, but we need to focus on its sustainability and its impact assessment.

Dr ASM Amanullah, professor, Department of Sociology, University of Dhaka said that some of the indicators of CSR are pre and post income generation, changes in health situation, women empowerment, sustainable improved biodiversity, access to education and provision of more green energy.

Among others vice President of MCCI Golam Mainuddin, Former Secretary of the government Mahfuzul Haque, Vice President of MCCI Golam Mainuddin, Head of CSR, BSRM Group

Ruhi Murshid Ahmed, Group Chief Marketing Officer of IDLC Jane

Alam Romel, DCCI Director Md. Alauddin Malik, former Vice President M Abu Hurairah, former Senior Vice President Haider Ahmed Khan, FCA, former Director AKD Khair Mohammad Khan addressed the programme.