POST TIME: 3 August, 2017 00:00 00 AM
26 more Alliance Factories achieve Substantial Completion
Factory remediation accelerates in July

Factory remediation
accelerates in July

Women working in a textile factory outside Dhaka, Bangladesh. independent file photo

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety announced yesterday that during the month of July, 26 additional Alliance-affiliated factories completed all material components outlined in their Corrective Action Plans (CAPs), bringing the total number of factories to have completed their CAPs to 118, the association said in a press statement.

“We commend these factories for prioritising remediation, and in doing so, demonstrating that every garment worker has a right to a safe workplace,” said Alliance Country Director Jim Moriarty. “This past month’s success reinforces our confidence that Alliance factories will have substantially completed remediation and be well on the way to developing a sustainable culture of safety before the Alliance sunsets in 2018.”

The Alliance also continued to enforce accountability measures for factories that failed to make adequate remediation progress.

In July, one factory was suspended from the Alliance compliant factory list, bringing the total number of suspended factories to 157. The complete list of factories that have achieved substantial completion of their CAPs, as well as those that have been suspended, can be found on the Alliance website.

The factories include Ananta Casualwear Ltd, Adhunik Poshak Shilpa Ltd, Alamode Apparels, Alliance Knit Composite Ltd, Aswad Composite Mills Ltd, Ayesha Clothing Company Ltd – Printing Unit, Crazy Fashion, Divine Design Ltd, Esses Fashions Limited, Evince Garments Ltd, International Knitwear and Apparels Ltd (Unit 1), Kazipur Fashion Ltd Unit 1, Matrix Sweaters Ltd, New Dacca Industries Ltd, Odessa Fashion Ltd, Opex Washing Plant Ltd, Parkway Packaging and Printing Ltd, Rio Fashion Wear Limited, Rising Knit Textiles Ltd (Washing Division), Salek Textile Ltd (RMG Unit), Shams Styling Wears Ltd, Thanbee Print World Ltd, That’s It Garments Ltd, Tip Top Fashions Ltd, Voyager Apparels Ltd, and Wear Mag.