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Ensuring safety of children

Family and school should be alert in ensuring the safety of children. The authorities need to take appropriate actions to prevent child abuse
Debbrata Adhiakry
Ensuring safety of children

The word ‘childhood’ is very close to our inner heart.  When we hear the sound we are feeling very nostalgic. Children are very close to us and they are our future. The lack of human attribute call moral decay in a society, child  sexual exploitation is one of them. Children is the symbol of beauty, symbol of purity and the source of Ppeasure. But their future is in threats due to the number of reasons. According to the information of Bangladesh police headquarter, first three months of the running year, 144 children are raped. Through thisinformation 48 children are raped in every month. It is observed that the miss use of internet is very closely related to the child sexual exploitation. In this era of information technology we cannot live without the relevance of information technology similarly we need to learn about the safe use of information technology. According to the survey of Manusher Jonno Foundation in Bangladesh 77% of the children responder are watching porn video. This is the most concern information for all of our whole nation.

Try to think that our children are growing up to learn perverted sexual education and subject to exploitation instead of comprehensive sexual education for lead a healthy safe lives. Internet is a wonderful element of our human civilization. Our children are blooming their knowledge and creativity and exploring themselves in global village through the internet.To realizing the importance of information technology Bangladesh govt. add a distinct subject entitle “Information Technology”in secondary and higher secondary level and we have started to get the benefits from it. But we have some limitation to formulation the content of the information technology textbook. We should need to add a separate chapter about the safe use of internet and the danger of internet. If our children would not know the safe use of internet either they have possibility to victimization through the internet. Let us see how our children facing danger through the internet.

•    Children are addicted on pornography through the internet.

•    They are using social media and addicted on it. Through the social media they are making friendship with unknown person and gradually someone are very close to them. Sometimes children are expending their time with their Facebook friend by sexting, sharing personal picture and video. But when their friendships are broke up this audio video, picture and screenshot spread out in the internet. Sexually perverted person are collected the video and sell in the porn website. As a result children and their family are being loosed social dignity and psychologically, physically and economically abused.

•    Children are abused to cyber bulling.

•    Children are experienced to Grooming.

This types of incidents are the most danger for blooming the children’s future. Thorough the media witness we see that gradually increased such type of incidents all over the country. Although lots of incidents are happening behind the screen.

In our society some social taboo is that

•     Boy child is not sexually abused but different research report shows that both child are sexually abused.

•    Child sexual exploitation is happened in some particular families but the reality is that child sexual exploitation is happening throughoutall over the society.

•     Young people are involved in child sexual exploitation process but the reality is that people from different ages are involved in the child sexual exploitation process.

•     Parents are known everything about their children but the reality is that parents are not conscious all about their children.

Everyday lots of children are lost their childhood due to the sexual exploitation through the internet. In many cases children can’t understand and can’t tell the unbearable situation which is happening with them as a result sexually perverted person are behind in the eye of people and law.

Family and school should be alert in advance due to the safety of their children. We need to take appropriate action to prevent such type of incidents and we willneed to take immediate action for psychosocially support of the victimized children. Govt. should incorporate the safe use of internet in the text book at secondary level and the relevant law must be strictly enforced. There is no more time to take it easy to sexual exploitation of children through the internet anymore.   When we deliver the device to our children we should teach them how to use it safely and the bad effect of unrestricted use.

Let’s introduce to the way for online safety.

•    We should make a parenting control in the device. Provide a separate login id and password if needed, in that way we would be able to observe the every activity of your children.

•     Give them support to secure their personal information for opening a social account.

•    Make sure the children doesn’t accept any free offer during the use of internet. Through this offer the hacker are spread malware virus.

•    Make sure to block your popup.

•    Protect your computer by using virus guard.

•    Teach your children that they do not show any body parts or organs in front of web cam or mobile cameraby anyone’s request.  

•    Only use the educational and reliable website.

•    Teach your children don’t share any personal information, personal video with others.

•    Don’t share your password with others.

Discuss with your children very openly on the contemporary cyber issues in the angel of every good and bad aspects.  Try to find out the effect on your children for using internet. To safe your child ask your child or their friend are facing in problem in internet. Develop a friendly relationship with your child where they can share with you the every felling of their mind. In that way we can protect our children and make a safe future for them.  

The writer is a child rights specialist

Mail: [email protected]



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Editor : M. Shamsur Rahman
Published by the Editor on behalf of Independent Publications Limited at Media Printers, 446/H, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1215.
Editorial, News & Commercial Offices : Beximco Media Complex, 149-150 Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh. GPO Box No. 934, Dhaka-1000.

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